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17 years ago, St. Mary's Ukrainian festival was first held in the backyard of the parish rectory with the goal of promoting Ukrainian culture to the people of McKees Rocks. As the years progressed, the festival slowly grew, expanding into the parking lot, and eventually Ella Street. Under the initiative of Fr. Timothy Tomson and a dedicated group of volunteers, the festival has come to grow as one of the largest, most recognized Ukrainian festivals in the greater Pittsburgh area. 


The festival strives to  preserve  our Ukrainian heritage and traditions and reacquaint Ukrainians with their roots, as well as sharing the Ukrainian culture with the people of the Pittsburgh area. As a gift to the community who has supported for over 100 years, we offer concerts by nationally acclaimed and recognized recording artists free of charge.


The festival offers traditional Ukrainian foods such as pierogies, kobasi, halubtsi and more to the public.



Since it's founding in 1906, St. Mary's has aimed to be a spiritual and cultural home welcoming all. Our parish has a long and rich history. Built by Ukrainian immigrants who emigrated to Western Pennsylvania for work in the coal and steel industries, St. Mary's was the first Orthodox church in McKees Rocks.


St. Mary's welcomed many new families throughout the great immigration in the 1920's and 1930's who had made the arduous journey from Europe to their new home in America. Much of Pittsburgh's then flourishing industry was built on the hard work and dedication of these people.


As time has passed, the faces and names have changed, but our dedication to and love of God has remained. Today St. Mary's is made up of people from every walk of life, from every area of the Pittsburgh region, and from many nationalities. We are the proud home of many families who left the oppression of the former Soviet Union, some of them jailed for anti-Soviet activities and persecuted for the faith.


Our parish is also the new spiritual home to many people who have recently entered the Orthodox faith, former Roman Catholics, Protestants, and also those who used to embrace new age thought and atheism.


Please feel free to stop by for any divine liturgy held on Sundays, all are welcome! Come and join us, service is held every Sunday at 9:30 am. Experience the beauty and majesty of Orthodox worship! 

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